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The Pretreat-enator

26 Feb

Ok, so that’s a lame title.  Sounds a little Phineas and Ferbish.  I’ll work on that.  🙂  So this is a simple, 2 ingredient laundry pre-treater.  My mother in law (she’s a smart lady) has been using this recipe for years and swears by it.  So for as long as we’ve been married, we’ve used this concoction.  Now I’ve used it on set in stains and sometimes it comes out, sometimes it leaves behind a lighter stain.  So I think by using this as soon as possible on a fresh stain, you’ll have a higher success rate.

Homemade Pretreater


– Large spray bottle (I believe we got a pack of 5 at Sam’s Club once upon a time)

– Jug of ammonia

– Era detergent and only Era


– Mark your spray bottle in 1/3’s, one mark at 1/3 and the other as a fill to mark with the remaining 2/3’s – use a Sharpie to do this.

– Fill the first 1/3 with Era and top it off with ammonia

**Make sure you make and use this pre-treater in a well ventilated area!**

– Shake it up and it’s ready to use!  Simple, right?


– Spray bottle: $2 (give or take)

– Era Detergent: $4 (probably less on sale)

– Ammonia: $2 or so

Total Per 32 oz. spray bottle: About $1.50 as there will be a lot more Era left after the ammonia is gone along with the re-usability of the spray bottle.

A little research:

I’m sure when my MIL starting using this remedy, the internet was in it’s infancy or this could even have been handed down to her.  So I wanted to see if the feeling that Era was a great detergent still stood true.  Check out what others have said about Era:  http://www.viewpoints.com/Era-Liquid-Laundry-Detergent-reviews.  One woman even posted a similar pre-treatment recipe!  Very cool!  So it’s great by itself, it’s inexpensive and couple it with plain ole ammonia and get a great stain fighter.

So give it a whirl!  Not a huge investment for something that works as well as all the name brand pre-treaters on the market.