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Winter Watercoloring

4 Feb

I would love to say that I have a great plan each for the girlies and I to craft together every week, but I don’t.  Crazy, huh?  Ha!  But this day a craft needed to be made.  I’ve seen this idea of taping off our intials, coloring around it and pulling off the tape to reveal our art!  Well I pinned this idea a couple times here and here, one using fingerpaints and the other using markers.  Both very cute!  I also put it out on Facebook and a friend said to do this type of art using watercolors.  Perfect!

The girls got new watercolors for Christmas, a few sheets of watercolor paper left in the pad and off we went!

Blue Tape Letter Painting


– Watercolor paints

– Large bristle kid paint brushes (holds a lot more water and paint than the little ones)

– Watercolor paper (or thicker drawing paper)

– Paper towel

– Blue painters tape

– Cup of water

– 2 willing little people

– and of course Disney radio on Pandora

Get Craftin’:

1.  Decide if you’re going to initials, shapes, random lines, etc on the paper.  Grab a scissors (or tearing for those brave enough….) and start laying the tape out on the paper.

2.  Give the littles their own paper, a paint brush, a cup of water, paper towel to dry their brush or not and a set of paints.

3.  Let them go to town on their painting!  My 3 year old loves to have a lot of water to move the paint around and my 4 year old prefers the bright color with a dryer brush.  Very distinguished artists, these 2 are.  Ha!  Actually the younger one got frustrated with the order of putting water on the brush then paint instead she kept putting the paint on, adding water to the brush then painting.  It was fun teaching them the process even if it was over and over again and see them really get into painting.

4.  After you’re finished, let the paper dry, remove the tape (it will remove really easy as it’s painters tape, not more adhesive tape like masking) and wa-la!

So fun, so easy and what a colorful piece of art!