This is a long time coming, in many ways actually.  I was a working mom for almost 4 years (worked 9 years to the day) with two kids under my belt.  Long, long story short, things changed a lot at work and things had been changing inside me for a long time.  So when the “perfect” time came in August of 2011, I put in my 5 weeks and we made the decision for me to be a stay at home mom of our then 2 and 3 year old and freelance graphic designer.  The. Best. Decision. Ever.

So it’s been a new life for me.  A life of being mommy all day, every day.  A life of actually “keeping up” with the house rather than living out of the dryer and Pizza Hut.  A life where I can really hone in on my passions in life.  Some days are hard and you really want to turn off “mommers” for awhile, but every night we look in our little ones and realize that this day was worth it.

This is a place for me to put all those things from crafting to my Pinterest addiction to frugal living to funny things our kids say.  It’ll be here, maybe not regularly but when the mood strikes.  So come hang out, share ideas, opinions or Pin me (ha)!



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