Bored Jars for All

12 Mar

This was a craft I set up for our MOPS group at church – a group for moms of preschoolers and younger.  It’s time to get away from the kiddos for an hour and half, eat some hot breakfast (who does that?), socialize with other moms, listen to awesome speakers and do cool crafts.  Fun stuff.

Anywho, I handle the crafts for the group and came with a few ideas for this jar craft.  It’s a jar that can be used in a few different ways:  1) Bored Jar – during the winter or summer months, write out ideas that you or the kids can pick from on those days that need a little redirection or as a reward for good days.  2) Conversation Starter – to be used at meal time to spark conversation other than the “how was your day” or “how was school”.  This is good for older kids to get them open up.  Or 3) Memory Keeper – jot down those funny things the kids say or do and take them out at the end of the year for a fun year in review.  Or save them for each child and give them to them when they leave the house.

I took inspiration in the crafting part from my favorite blogger, Ashley Ann at Under the Sycamore and her tape vase.  Then I hopped on the WWW and Pinterest for ideas to use on the cards inside the jar.  I found a couple good sites with loads of ideas.  For the board jar, here are couple sites with lots of good ideas for the kids during the winter or summer.  For the conversation starter jar, here’s a huge list as a PDF to print and cut!  Here’s how to create one of your own!

Bored Jars 


– Empty glass jar

– Colored card stock

– Double sided tape

– Variety of wrapping items (i.e. twine, blue painters tape, ribbon, paper ribbon – found at World Market, etc.)

– Hole puncher

– Writing utensil


Get Craftin’:

1. Take your cardstock and cut it into strips. Mine were about 4″w x 1″ but you can cut them into whatever shape or size you’d like!  I have a paper trimmer but you can always use scissors.

2. Now that your strips are ready, you can start decorating your jar!  You can use whatever supplies you have around from fabric scraps, washi tape, string/ribbon of any kind.  I used the double sided tape for the paper ribbon and the rest I just double knotted.  This really is a place to make your jar match your decor, go with a season or just do whatever you’re in the mood for!

3. Now back to the paper strips.  You can come up with your own ideas for your personal bored jars that fits your family or kids or you can use the above links.  Fill out as many strips as you’d like, the more the better!  From there, fold the paper, leave it as is, punch a hole in it and string it up.  Again, open to whatever you’d like to!  If you are doing a Memory Jar, keep your cards handy and fill them out when those moments arise!

4. Fill up your jar with your ideas, add a few establishments (I found a round metal edged tag to add a little to it) and you have  a Bored Jar or a Conversation Jar or a Memory Jar.  Easy peesy lemon squeezy (as Squeaky – the 3 year old)!  Have fun with it!

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